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At Missouri Online Driver Improvement, we hold high standards for not only our driver safety course, but our website and staff members as well. We have put much effort into creating a simple and hassle-free program. Our course teaches motorists safe defensive driving techniques and dismisses their traffic violations all at the same time. We are a sister school to The On-Line Traffic School, Inc. (the first online traffic school in the nation) and are also honored to say we were the first approved online course in the State of Missouri.

Between experience over the years and in-house team of writers, web designers, and more, we’ve had the pleasure of putting together an expertly created driver improvement and traffic school safety program. Because we hold ourselves to such high standards and are a well accredited online traffic school in Missouri, we only use the finest technology. Throughout our online course, you will find Flash animations, vivid images, and fun interactive videos that cause lively and enjoyable traffic school experience.

Since welcomed in the traffic school and driver improvement world online, we’ve had the pleasure of graduating over four million motorists, keeping all their records clean, lowering their auto insurance premiums and, most importantly, teaching them the art of safe defensive driving. Through our diligence and dedication, we have also received:

  • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Thousands of fans, likes, and followers through social media
  • The trust of more than half of the states in the nation to provide traffic safety courses
  • Since 1996, our company has been the recognized leader in the online traffic safety world.

Our main passion as a traffic safety course and company is for the safety of all motorists and their families. Your driver’s license is a privilege and through this, you have a great responsibility to follow the rules of the road and drive safely. We are here to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are my payment options?

    You can pay for the course by credit or debit card during registration. Our servers are secure and are well-trusted.

  • Can I use multiple computers or laptops?

    Of course! Our entire program can be done from a library desktop, your friend's lap top, or even your smart phone or tablet! As long as you have access to the Internet, our online course is available to you. This is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle or people who are always on the go!

  • How often can I take driver improvement?

    For your convenience, you are able to complete an approved driver improvement course once every 36 months. Please confirm with your issuing courthouse that you are able to participate in a driver improvement program before you enroll.

  • What happens if I fail?

    Don’t worry about failing. We have created our Missouri drive improvement course to be fail proof! If you do not pass any portion of the course, quiz or final exam, you may retake whatever you don’t pass right away. We won’t charge you any extra or penalize you in any way, shape or form. Take your time with the online class. It’s made to help you!

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