Traffic School Certificate

Traffic School Certificate

Worried about your Missouri traffic school certificate of completion? With our online driver improvement course, when you will receive your traffic school certificate is something you won't ever need to stress about! As soon as you graduate from our online driver safety course, your certificate will be processed immediately and sent to the Department of Revenue. This is perfect for students who need their traffic school certificate of completion solely for the state.

After completion from our program, we will also send your completion certificate to you or your issuing courthouse. If you are taking our Missouri Online Driver Improvement program for any of the following courthouses, your certificate will be sent directly to them:

Court NameDelivery Method
Crawford County CourtMailed (1st Class USPS Mail)
Maryland HeightsFaxed
Miller County CourthouseMailed (1st Class USPS Mail)

If the name of your issuing courthouse was not listed above, your traffic school certificate will be sent to your mailbox via 1st Class USPS Mail. Once you receive your certificate of completion, it is then your responsibility to get your certificate to the correct courthouse.

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