Traffic School Eligibility

Traffic School Eligibility

Wanting to take a driver improvement course to dismiss a Missouri traffic ticket is common. However, knowing your traffic school eligibility can be puzzling. If you are looking to clear your traffic violation, here is how you can determine your traffic school eligibility:

  1. Time frame: If you've taken a Missouri Driver Improvement program within 36 month's time, you will not be eligible to take traffic school.
  2. Court approval: Before taking traffic school to dismiss your Missouri traffic ticket, please check with your issuing courthouse. There, you will be able to receive direct permission to take a driver improvement program.
  3. Driver's license: In order to take the program, you must be the holder of a valid, non-commercial driver's license.
  4. Fees: Before participating in the program, you must pay all your fines associated with your traffic violation.

Although participating in a driver safety course is commonly associated with dismissing a Missouri traffic ticket and taking points off your driver's license, the program may also be taken for an employer (if requested), your auto insurance provider (if they offer discounts by taking the course), or voluntarily.

  • If you are taking the course for an employer, you may do so as often as they request. This is not required by all companies and will be only for certain positions.
  • If you are looking to take the course to lower your auto insurance rates, please speak with your current insurance provider. Not all companies will offer a discount for taking the course and their rates may differ.
  • You may take the course at anytime voluntarily. By taking the program, you will learn how to become a better, safer, and more defensive driver. Our program is filled with the finest course materials to help you reach these goals. This program is also ideal as a refresher course for motorists.

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